Collection and use of personal information by Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc

When you open an account with Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc, we will obtain personal information about you, which will be kept on file in accordance with industry regulations. Only authorized individuals and entities have access to this information. The information that we collect allows us to identify you, to protect you against possible fraud, and to assess your potential investment needs so that we may suggest products and services to you, which are appropriate for you, and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Social Insurance Number
If you are an individual, Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc may collect, use and disclose your SIN for income tax reporting purposes.

Disclosure of personal information to external sources
Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc may from time to time disclose your personal information to external sources such as credit agencies, other financial institutions and other parties who provide services to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc. Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc may also rely on external sources to collect personal information about you. For those who are not clients of Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc but are in the initial stage of your introduction to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc,  the collection of personal information would not be disclosed to any external sources.

Affiliated companies
Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc may from time to time disclose your personal information to affiliated companies for the purpose of making related products and services available to you.

Your consent is required before we may provide your information to any third parties. The consent that you provide to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc with regards to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information may be cancelled at any time by providing written notice to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc. Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc does not require your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information where:

  • Such collection, use and disclosure is reasonably required in the normal course of providing service to your account, 
  • For the collection of a debt owed to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc by you, 
  • To a law enforcement agency, securities regulatory authority or Self-Regulatory Organization, 
  • To legal counsel for the purpose of obtaining advice. 

By opening an account at Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc, you are providing consent to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc to collect, use and disclose your personal information as set out in this agreement. 

Corrections to personal information 
You may review the information you have provided to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc and make corrections to it. We may request that you provide corrections in writing. You may address corrections, questions or privacy related complaints to the Chief Compliance Officer, Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc, 145 King St. West, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8. 

Retention of personal information 
Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc may retain your personal information on file after you cease to be a client of Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc for as long as Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc requires such information or as long as is demanded by our regulatory requirements. 


Privacy Policy – Protecting Your Privacy

Our Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy informs you of Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc policies on privacy and the ways that we ensure the protection of your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. This policy applies to Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc’s individual clients, including persons who carry on business alone or in partnership with other individuals.

Collecting information
When we collect information from you, we will explain what information we collect and how we intend to use it. This explanation is set out in the Buscemi Goodman Legault IncPrivacy Agreement, which is included in the documentation you will receive when you open an account with Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc.

Releasing information
We will provide your information to other parties: where we have your consent, where the other parties are our suppliers or business partners who provide service to your account, where we are required to do so by law, and where transfers of our business are involved.

Protecting information
We will take appropriate steps to protect your information. We will retain your information as long as it is necessary to service your account or as is required by our industry’s regulations.

Providing access
We will provide you with access to your information upon your request. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date.

Addressing your concerns
We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your privacy or this privacy policy. If you have concerns, you may contact the Privacy Officer in writing at:

Privacy Officer
Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc
6700 Cote de Liesse, suite 201

Montreal, Quebec

H4T 1E3


Why we need your information
We ask for a variety of information when you open an account with us. Securities industry regulations demand that we obtain a minimum amount of information about you so that we can provide the proper level of service and supervision to your account. We may also base our recommendations about our products and services to you on the information that you provide to us. For example, we may use your date of birth to identify you, or to determine your eligibility for products or services, which may be of benefit to a certain age group. We require your SIN in order to comply with certain Canada Revenue Agency reporting requirements. We may also use your SIN as a means of identifying you. Industry standards demand that we know your financial information to help us identify products and services which are suitable for you, such as the use of margin in an account.

Products and Services
We will only share your information with others if authorized by you. Your consent to our providing information to other parties is optional and may be withdrawn by you at any time.

Third parties
With your consent, we may obtain information about you from third parties such as credit agencies. This information helps us assess your eligibility for certain products and services such as a margin account. Please remember that if you do not agree to provide your consent for this, we may not be able to extend margin privileges to you. We may also, with your consent, provide your information to outside sources. For example, service providers who we hire to do things like process your trades and send your month-end statements to you, will have access to certain account information including your name and address in order to perform their required functions. We require our third party service providers to sign a Privacy Agreement to help ensure that they will protect the confidentiality of your information. We are also obliged to provide your information to regulatory bodies within the investment industry. We may also be required to disclose your information to government agencies or law enforcement agencies, or when we are in receipt of a valid Court Order or search warrant. We may also disclose your information to outside sources to help us collect a debt owed to us by you. As well, we may disclose your information as a result of a transfer of our business, should we decide in the future to sell off all or part of our business or to merge with another financial institution.

Protection of information
We have thorough security standards in place to protect your information against unauthorized access and use. If you access your account through an electronic means (such as online account access), we use passwords that you alone should know. Our internet-based applications that use “cookies” will use only “session cookies”, which means that the cookies will be erased from your computer as soon as your session is over. We also provide training to our employees so they will understand the need for confidentiality when dealing with your information. We retain your information only as long as we need it to service your account, or as long as industry regulations demand. When we no longer need your information, we will delete electronic records and destroy physical records.

Your right to access information
Most of your information is in the form of account documentation and transaction records. You will receive copies of any documents you sign to open your account with Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc. You will also receive copies of monthly (or quarterly) statements of your account, which detail all of the transactions that have taken place in your account during that period. If you have chosen to have access to your account electronically through online account access, you may also view your account transactions that way. If you require further details about your information, you may contact us at any time. Naturally, we will have to assess your request to ensure that it does not contain references to other persons, or violate our legal privilege.

Accuracy of information
Having accurate information about you will enable us to give you the best possible service. We expect that you will provide us with updated information when you move or change telephone numbers, or have any other material changes in your information. If you detect any errors in information (such as the information appearing on your copy of your application form), please let us know immediately.

Your right to withdraw consent
When you sign the documentation required to open your account, you will see that within that documentation is our Privacy Agreement. By opening an account with us, you are providing your consent for us to collect, use and release your personal information. If at any time you wish to withdraw this consent, please advise us. However, please note that withdrawing consent may mean that we will be unable to provide certain services to you. We will explain the consequences of withdrawing consent, should you choose to do so.