What is the right coverage amount to choose? What is the right protection for me? Hard to understand, but not with Buscemi Goodman Legault Inc. Our advisors will not only offer you coverage adapted to your needs and that of your associates in case of death, but also offer an investment solution that you could bequeath.

Term-life insurance to buy a house, life insurance for your little ones, personal life insurance you can transfer to your children. There’s something for everyone.

Protect your assets and lifestyle

Our advisors are here to help you find the life insurance you need to keep your assets and transfer them without any loss to your estate. For example, if you wish to pass on a chalet that gained value, the capital gain will be taxable. We can offer a life insurance solution that would protect this profit. Our advisors analyze your situation in detail to find the best-suited financial solution for you.

Offer your children a solid financial start

By offering life insurance to your children or grandchildren, you guarantee their future insurance eligibility, no matter their health. You also ensure tax-sheltered investment growth for them. Our advisors will look through all the available options with you.

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