Be sure to protect your company and it’s key people in the case of death or disability of one of your associates. We can assess your business with you and select the insurance and coverage required to ensure its longevity.

How will your company’s shares be redistributed in the case of a death? If you’re self-employed and forced to stop working for an extended period, who will complete your current contracts? Our advisors think about everything for the well-being of your company and managers.

Asset & succession management

Our advisors analyze your business profile, but also your profile as an individual. They plan your succession, investments, personal & group insurance with you, as well as any other aspect of your financial health. They develop a strategy with you to protect your corporate assets in preparation for transfer to the next generation. Everything is analyzed and planned out.

Would your company survive a disability?

If your key people can’t contribute to the business for several months or years, an adapted disability insurance policy would allow you to keep receiving their financial participation during their absence. And if you already have disability insurance, our advisors can review your coverage, to carefully ensure that the portion of income covered by your insurance is enough for your company to remain solid, after a hard blow.

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