Injuries or illnesses can happen in a flash, and you still have bills to pay. Ensure your protection in case of a temporary or prolonged employment interruption with short and long-term disability insurance. One of our advisors can determine with you the amount you need, if you get injured so that you and your family can maintain your lifestyle.

Concrete risks of long-term disability

One in three Canadians will be absent from work for at least 90 days in their lifetime. This could be you. Do you already have group disability insurance? It may be only effective after many weeks or even months. Group insurance also usually covers only a portion of your income. Our advisors make sure that you will be protected in the short and long term with the amount needed to maintain your lifestyle.

Disability insurance adapted to your job

The role of our advisors is to analyze the way you live, to find the coverage you need, at a price adapted to your budget.

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