If you’re trying unsuccessfully to be insured, we have protection coverage for you; our advisors have access to life, disability and supplementary insurance options and more, for clients at risk. These options don’t require any tests or medical exams.

Don’t let your medical history, age or weight deprive you of the peace of mind that comes from complete and personalized insurance. Ask our advisors!

You can be insured, too

You were told that it was too risky to cover you? This is probably false; our advisors have exclusive access to non-traditional solutions, thanks to access to major players in the industry. Our advisors are also supported by professionals and specialists who give them a complete overview of the insurance on the market available without medical exams.

Complete, affordable insurance benefits

The benefits we offer our clients at risk are as good as our traditional ones. You simply hate needles? Choose an insurance without blood tests. The no medical exam option applies to all the insurance solutions we offer, for all coverage terms.

Who We Work With