Your group insurance is limited or you don’t have access to group insurance at all? Speak with our advisors to find the best-suited extended health benefit for you. For example, you could get a refund for expenses that are currently not covered by provincial insurance plans. You could sign up for an insurance policy that would cover vision or dental care expenses that are not currently included in your group insurance coverage.

Meet with one of our advisors to find the extended health benefit that will perfectly complement your current insurance coverage.

Reimbursement of psychologist, massage therapist and other specialist fees

We sometimes need to consult a health specialist, which is expensive. Extended health benefit takes the weight off your shoulders by reimbursing a part of some medical costs such as specialist care expenses, but also the treatments they prescribe such as orthotics, crutches, home care or others. Our advisors have access to a range of options; they will find the right one for you.

No questions asked about your health

Some of our insurance solutions allow people who have a hard time being insured, to benefit from strong protection. These solutions don’t require any medical questions; you are accepted, guaranteed.

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